Full-home automation is made possible in TNAH 2018 with a state-of-the-art technology package provided by Crestron. Wired Technologies Group provided the system integration.Through an integrated control hub, the owner can easily and securely control the home’s entertainment and speaker systems, as well as the lights, window shades, thermostats, security system, door locks and more. TNAH 2018 features:


Premium Audio. The fully scalable audio distribution system delivers high-output audiophile sound quality to every room in the home with reduced cabling, low power consumption, advanced DSP and integrator-friendly setup.
Innovative Lighting Solutions. The centralized and customizable lighting system enables complete control of the lights, shades, occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and other equipment throughout the home.

High-Performance Networking. The control processor featured in TNAH 2018 is an enterprise-class control system that provides more power, increased memory and high-speed communication between all devices throughout the home.

User-Friendly Controls. Nearly every connected gadget in the home can be controlled through a user interface featuring voice recognition, web browsing, H.264 streaming video, a built-in camera and an advanced media player.