How to Modify a Nice View Into a ‘Show Stopper’

Central Florida’s largely flat topography doesn’t exactly yield an abundance of residential properties with spectacular views. However, The New American Home® (TNAH) 2018 is certainly an exception.

Located just outside of Orlando and overlooking Lake Apopka — an area with one of the highest points of elevation in Florida — this year’s show home is making the most of its steep pitch.

Outdoors, the property will have multiple levels of living space, while the indoors will feature a customized package of the latest windows and doors from Panda to maximize the awe-inspiring view.

The builders of TNAH 2018 at Legacy Custom Built Homes are especially thrilled about the inclusion of Panda’s state-of-the-art Lift & Slide product line.

“These extremely large and heavy doors slide as if they’re as light as a feather, and they can open and close with just one finger,” said John Kolb, VP of construction. “Their innovative technology combined with high-quality construction make for what I’m sure will be a show stopper in this year’s home.”

Kolb knows firsthand about the quality of Panda’s windows and doors, having recently returned from a site visit to its Las Vegas headquarters. There, he met with the staff and witnessed many of Panda’s product-testing techniques.

“The people I met there were incredibly friendly, forward-thinking and passionate about their products,” Kolb said. “The attention to detail was very impressive, too. For example, each door is installed on a test wall — just as it would be in the home — and then it’s inspected for any defects, dents or scratches, and then thoroughly tested for overall operation.”

Kolb says he is pleased with the progress of TNAH 2018, and excited as the installation of the windows and doors began earlier this week.

The home will be completed this fall and officially unveiled during the 2018 International Builders’ Show, Jan. 9-11. Registration is now open at