Combination Nightlight Switches, Receptacles and GFCIs

Eaton’s Patrol LED dimmable nightlights are the only nightlight devices on the market that allow the user to set the perfect level of light desired. Patrol devices offer safe way-finding in dimly lit rooms and use a light sensor to automatically turn the nightlight ON and OFF. These innovative devices have multiple applications in both residential and commercial settings including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens,children’s rooms, hotel rooms, dormitories and assisted living facilities. Eaton’s Patrol GFCI nightlights offer a unique combination of safety features: dependable electric shock protection that is fully compliant with the latest NEC® & UL943 standards, tamper resistant shutters that resist the insertion of foreign objects that can cause electrical injuries, and an LED nightlight that automatically turns ON or OFF for safe way-finding in the dark.