Arc Fault Ground Fault Surge Protection Devices

Eaton’s AF/GF dual-purpose receptacle provides both Arc Fault and Ground Fault protection in one convenient device. AF/GF receptacles protect against both unexpected paths to ground and unseen arc faults that can result in electrical fires and has the same foot print of a standard GFCI or AFCI device, and uses Eaton’s proven AFCI technology to reduce nuisance AFCI tripping.  AF/GF receptacles include tamper resistant shutters and incorporate lock-out functionality, which denies power if mis-wired to protect against mis-wired line-load connections and damage the AFCI/GFCI circuitry. With the 2014 NEC requiring kitchens and laundry areas to have both AFCI and GFCI protection, and other areas expected in further code expansions,the AF/GF receptacle is a great new alternative solution for getting code-compliant.